This is my entry for the 'Describe a picture' competition. please leave a comment (i don't mind if it is a criticism!) This passage describes a sunset over a beach.i hope you like it!


1. Sunset

  A beach. Peaceful and content, as the foamy waves wash so gently over the seeping soft sand. The ocean sleeps, looking so still but deadly and black, contaning an under-water paradise, where millions of creatures dwell, some sleeping, some alert. Above which, a weary sun casts a beautiful golden shimmer across the velvet water.Its warped shape, like a fireball, eminates a strong everlasting glow, creating an explosion of warm colours. Its beams stretch out, turning the golden yellow to a fiery orange,the blood crimson red, to a purple navy and finally black. It beats so strongly, flying in every direction but being cut off by the bleak horizon.

 The sand looks dark, as no reflection bounces off it making it secret, as though hiding something. The only life on it, are two people...Two ordinary people that work, eat, sleep, hate, love. They watch the tide flow in and out, carelessly...Pensively. 

It's only a sunset. It happens every night. But there was something about this one... Something Magical...

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