A Bench For Two

It was nothing at first.
Then it grew bigger.
The contours.
The edges.
Everything became clear.
Though only one question remained.
And only one of them knew what it meant.

'A Bench For Two' is a story about Gee and B. About confidence, friendship and most importantly love; though that'll always remain a mystery.

Hope you enjoy :)


9. What Darkness Conceals



B: Why didn't you answer your phone? I was worried!

G: You're here now.

B: I don't care! I was worried when you didn't answer the phone! I tried to -

G: You were late.

B: What?

G: You were late.

B: What does that have to -

G: I thought you ditched me.

Shocked silence.

B: You thought I ditched you.

G: That was what I said.

B: You freaking thought I would freaking ditch you!

Long silence.

B: I am sorry if I ever gave you that impression.


B: I am sorry for yelling.

G: It's ok.

B: I just couldn't -

G: It's ok. I should have trusted you.


B: Are you still up to the party?

Thoughtful silence.

G: Can I have a special condition?

B: What is it?

G: That you stay with me through the whole party?

B: Of course. What else -

G: As your date.

Surprised silence.

B: As my date?

G: Yes.

B: Are you serious?

G: I am.

B: Then I'll open the car door for you.

G: Wouldn't you have done that if I had come as your friend?

B: I would.

G: Then why - no.

B: What?

G: Nothing.

B: Come on.

G: No. Really. Nothing. I don't want to know anyway.

B: Ookay.

G: Aren't you opening the door?

B: Wha -? Oh. Yeah. Of course. Please.

G: Thank you.

B: My pleasure.

G: Are you always this cheery with your girlfriends?

B: I am the proud product of cheeriness.

G: You didn't answer my question.

B: Do you mind me telling you that it's a personal question?

G: Is it?

B: Yes. I treasure these moments.

G: I am sorry then.

B: Don't be. Other people would have answered.

G: But you're special.

Blushing silence.

B: Enough about me. This is your night.

G: Our night.

B: Huh. Yeah. Uhm. So -

G: So I want to know more about you.

B: What do you want to know?

G: Your family.

B: My family... Um... You must by now know that I have a sister.

G: Yes. The one who cried.

B: She always does, so it's no big deal.

G: What about your parents?

B: My dad works. My mom is at home. I go to school?

G: Oh, really. I thought you worked in an office.

B: You're worse than my sister when she gets sarcastic.

G: I am a girl with depth.

B: So...

G: So.

B: What made you choose to be a date tonight?

G: I ...

B: You.

G: Don't use the same tricks as me.

B: They're wonderful. It's a pity they're not used often.

G: Are you steering away from the subject?

B: You are.

G: It was a last minute decision.

B: Really?

G: Are you disappointed?

B: To be honest? I am. Greatly disappointed.


B: So you only took pity on me?

G: You could say that.

B: Then would you mind changing back?

G: Huh?

B: I mean... would you mind coming as my friend instead of my date.

G: No. I - no. I still want to come as your date.

B: Whatever for?

G: I'll be honest to you.

B: Please be.

G: I - it's was not a last minute decision. It was... I had decided to come as your date first. But then you became late and I thought you had ditched me, and you just shot out of my parameter. But you came. And I changed it again. Out of shame.

B: But you wanted to come as my date?

Brief hesitation.

G: Yes.

B: Can I ask why?

G: Because ... I don't mind being your date.

B: Just that?

G: Because you don't push me.


G: Because I think I like you.

A long silence.

B: I think I like you, too.

Ten minutes later.

B: Would you have told me that in broad daylight?

G: I don't think so.

A few seconds' silence.

B: I thought as much.

Long silence.

G: Would you?

B: Yes.


B: We're here.

G: I thought as much.

A brief silence.

G: ...Thought as much.



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