A Bench For Two

It was nothing at first.
Then it grew bigger.
The contours.
The edges.
Everything became clear.
Though only one question remained.
And only one of them knew what it meant.

'A Bench For Two' is a story about Gee and B. About confidence, friendship and most importantly love; though that'll always remain a mystery.

Hope you enjoy :)


6. Sick



B: Did you eat something?

G: No.

B: Haven't you eaten anything?

G: No.

B: How're you feeling?

G: Not good at -

Gurgling noises

B: It's ok. Just relax. Let it all come out.

A few minutes pass by

G: I - I.. am sorry.

B: Don't cry.

G: I don't .. I don't know what .. happened.

Brendan's hand is softly painting circles on Ginette's back.

G: I wasn't hungry.

B: You should eat something. Not now, of course.

G: I wasn't hungry.

B: Even if.

Brendan leans his back on the wall and looks at Ginette lying on her stomach on her bed. He looks blurrily at the clock, ticking the minutes away.

G: I know it's late.

B: I don't care.

G: You can sleep here if you want.

B: Not until you feel better. Maybe I should make you some tea or something.

G: I heard that coke is good for the stomach in these situations.

B: Where do you put it?

G: Don't know.

B: Where are your mom?


G: Somewhere on this planet.

B: I'll go check it for you.

Ginette looks after his back feeling sick and tired. She closes her eyes, feeling dizzy.

B: I found -

Brendan looks at her sleeping figure, then he puts the coke on the stand by the bed. He pulls a blanket over her and sits down by the wall. He leans his head back and closes his eyes, and soon sleep overtakes him.  


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