A Bench For Two

It was nothing at first.
Then it grew bigger.
The contours.
The edges.
Everything became clear.
Though only one question remained.
And only one of them knew what it meant.

'A Bench For Two' is a story about Gee and B. About confidence, friendship and most importantly love; though that'll always remain a mystery.

Hope you enjoy :)


10. Questions



G: So... did you find out what IIL means?

B: No. I've been trying everything.

G: Then you haven't been trying everything. If you had, you'd have found out.

B: Can't you give me a hint?

Ginette looks thoughtfully at him.

G: It's, I think, what's been going on.

B: Is that your version of hint?

G: It is.

Another Boy: Oh, Brendy-boy! You came. What's up, man?"

B: Nothing and everything.

AB: And this hot chick you've brought. Who are you, yummy girl?

G: I am already taken, not-so-delicious-guy.

AB: Oh, she bites! You're seriously taming a monster, Brendy-boy!

B: Whatever.

AB: How'd ya all like my party, eh? Is it up to the standards of your hot chick?

B: She has a name, mate.

AB: Take it easy, man. I'm just tryin' to be fun.

B: Her name is Ginette.

AB: Hot, sexy girls! That's how I like 'em.

B: No offense, Jack. But she's mine and I am not letting go of her.

AB: Of course, man. Just of course. She's your chick. Go inside now. There are drinks and food on the tables. Listen to some music. Chill out! I'm out here welcoming my treasure guests. Oh! Aaron! How's it goin', man? Is everythin' ok? I've missed you, man!


G: He's some guy.

B: I don't hope you're too impressed.

G: I am.

Seething silence.

G: I bet you're jealous.

B: I am not.

G: Oh, big boy. Don't be. I can't see anyone besides you.


B: You feel at home here.

G: I am. Weirdly enough.

B: Are you going to let me go then?

G: No chance of that.

B: Why?

G: Because... because I am too attached and I don't throw treasures away.

B: That's a big statement coming from you.

G: I feel bold here in the dark and between all these people.

B: But I am still here.

G: I know. But still.

B: I don't forget.

G: Right now I don't care. But maybe I am going to care in the morning.

B: Will you throw me away then?

G: As a matter of fact? No.

B: Will you dance with me?

G: I don't know how to.

B: Just take my hand and I'll lead you.

G: That's very easy to say. It's a slow dance.

B: Well, I don't trust you with jumpy dances. You might fly away.

G: !

B: Hey! I was just kidding! Ouch!

G: That's for making fun of me!

B: Ginette!

G: I am not leaving you.

B: But you're angry.

G: Of course I am angry! You're making fun of me!

B: I just wanted you to smile.

G: You're sounding whiny, Baby-boy!  

B: You were so going to ditch me.

G: No. I was only inserting some fright into your small heart.

B: ...

G: Weren't we going to dance, Brendan-baby?

B: I don't feel like it.

Brendan puts his hands in his pockets. Ginette looks at him incredulously. Around them it's all bustling activity and people screaming at each other, laughing, kidding, making fun, eating, dancing making out. Ginette looks unsure of herself before she suddenly lurches forward and puts her hands around Brendan's neck. Their eyes lock in the dim light and they don't talk.

G: I am sorry.

Brendan looks away.

B: Me too.

Slowly and very teasingly, Ginette leans forward. Only inches seperate their lips.

G: I am so nervous.

B (whispering): Why?

G: I don't know myself. I've done this a million times.

B: Maybe it's my good looks.

G: Don't kill the mood.

They breath. They don't talk.

B: I am tired of waiting.

G: Just a few minutes.

B: What are you waiting for?

G: I am deciding on my future.

B: Will it hurt you if I make the first move?

G: Yes. I want to make a decision, Brendan.

Brendan puts his hands around her waist. He hugs her. He hugs her tighter. Their hearts are beating a melody of synchronicity.

G: Do me a favor and close your eyes.

B: Why? We're not kissing yet.

G: Please. You're making me nervous.

A few more minutes sway by on the melody of the too loud music. Ginette takes a deep breath and closing her eyes, inches her face closer to Brendan. When their lips meet it's as if everything stops.

B: The waiting was so worth it.

G: I am a natural at everything.

B: And I especially like your natural body.

G: If I wasn't so sure that you're not a pervo I would be smashing your head right this second.

B: Am I not allowed to adore you?

G: You don't have to say it out loud.

B: I think you're secretly thrilled.

G: In your dreams.


B: I am famished.

G: You're fat.

B: These are pure muscles.

G: Everyone can say that.

B: You're just jealous.

G: I am so not looking for a six-pack.

B: So you admit it?

G: I admit that that fat surely looks like a six-pack, but that's only an outer look.

B: You want me to never let you go?

G: In your dreams.

B: What about real life?

G: Real life is another matter.

B: I am serious, Ginette.

G: Let's quit being serious right now.

B: Just this last one.

G: Promise?

B: Promise.

G: I want you to be by my side.

B: Was that hard to say?

G: You promised.

B: I am sorry.

G: Forget it. Let's just ...

B: Yeah. Let's.    



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