A Bench For Two

It was nothing at first.
Then it grew bigger.
The contours.
The edges.
Everything became clear.
Though only one question remained.
And only one of them knew what it meant.

'A Bench For Two' is a story about Gee and B. About confidence, friendship and most importantly love; though that'll always remain a mystery.

Hope you enjoy :)


12. Loss & Lost



"I am sorry for your loss."

Ginette only nods. She looks down at her feet. Brendan tightens his grip around her while yet another strange man comes up to Ginette and offers his condolences.

It's like being in space. Ginette feels weightless and emotionless and floating in a room of nothingness. It's only the hand of Brendan that's holding her down. He's the only one bringing her down like he's the gravity in her life.

"I am sorry for your loss."

It's empty words. It's an empty man. A man she hasn't seen before. A man she doesn't know. It's stupid. Everything is stupid. What is she doing?

Ginette looks around with her dead eyes laying eyes on her mom and her fake smile and her crocodile tears. I hate her, she realises, the hatred the only emotion inside her.

 Her brother is nowhere to be seen.

"I am sorry for your loss."

Ginette feels like she has lost herself. Her dad is gone. But she's gone too.

She wants to turn around and meet Brendan's eyes. She wants to say: "I am sorry for your loss."

She doesn't do it. Only nods when another person comes up to her.

Her dad had many friends, she realizes in her dazed state.

"Do you want to go up to bed, Ginette?"

Brendan's voice brings her back to reality. Around her it's empty except for her mother, Brendan and her.

Her brother is nowhere to be seen.

Do I want to sleep?

She shrugs.

Brendan steers her outside into the fresh air.

She has lost herself.

I've lost myself.

"I want to sleep."

When Brendan makes as to follow her, she shakes her head. He only nods and waits for her to disappear inside the house.


A few minutes later Brendan receives a text message.


Im sry 4 ur loss, B.


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