A Bench For Two

It was nothing at first.
Then it grew bigger.
The contours.
The edges.
Everything became clear.
Though only one question remained.
And only one of them knew what it meant.

'A Bench For Two' is a story about Gee and B. About confidence, friendship and most importantly love; though that'll always remain a mystery.

Hope you enjoy :)


3. How To Ignore



B: Why is it that whenever I pass by this place, I find you?

G: You shouldn't be here.

B: I didn't see any sign with the words "No trespassing"

G: You're not funny.

B: Honestly? I came here because I knew you would be here.

G: ...

B: I wanted to ask why you called that night?

G: Do you really want to know?

B: Yeah.

G: I wanted to see if you would really take the phone if I called.

B: What did you think when I did?

G: That you were stupid. That you are stupid.

B (smiling): Why?

G: Because you needn't have bothered. You made it clear that we were not to be.

B: Minds change.

G: I don't.

B: That you can't know for sure.

G: That you can't know.

B: You got me.

G: I don't think so.

The boy sits down at the bench. The distance between them is just as big as last time.

B: I am wondering...

G: Hmm...?

B: What did you think about me when we met?

G: That you were an asshole.

B: And now?

G: Nothing.

B: Why an asshole, though?

G: Because you looked like an idiot, smiling like you had won a million.

B: Life is better than winning the lottery.

G: I don't think people agree.

B: What would you do with a million bucks?

G: Live a great life.

B: What would you do?

G: I would pay all the bills at our house. Then I would save a great deal to my tuition. Then, before buying a house, I would use the money to pay for my dad's treatment.

B: Is it hard?

G: ...

B: Do you want me to go?

G: Why do you treat me like this?

B: Am I treating you in a bad way?

G: Can't you just leave me? Save me the pain? Can't you just ignore me?

B: No.

G: What?

B: I said no.

G: You're such an idiot.

B: I agree.

G: I am not even worth it.

B: Maybe I am not even here because I am infatuated by you. Maybe I only want to lend my hand out for a little bit while your life gets better.

G: And maybe it's all a lie.

B: Maybe.


G: It's freaking hard. SO damn hard.

B: Huh?

G: Everything is so freaking hard.

B: ...

G: It's hard to stay alive in a family, where everyone is dead. It's so hard to find hope, when it doesn't even exist in our house.

B: How do you do it then? Live, I mean?

G: I have my dad. He's the only encouragement I need. He makes me happy. He makes me smile and laugh. Sometimes I think he's crazy, but I feel so happy around him. He's not my mom. That's the good part. And he never make me cry. Not intentionally anyway.

B: You love your dad.

G: I guess.

B: Do you love your brother?

G: Once upon a time we were inseperable. But then he found the love of his life, got married and forgot me.

B: But he still calls you.

G: Yeah. Like whenever his wife is somewhere else and not at home.

B: Do you hate him?

G: I wish I did. Then everything would have been easier. But he's still my big brother. The one who carried me on his shoulders when I got tired. The one who taught me how to swim. The one who always promised to be there whenever life got too much. And he was there. The first part of it. But then he left.

B: I am sorry.

G: It's not your life.

B: I brought it up.

G: Even if you hadn't, it would still be a fact of my life.

The trees rustle over them and the smell of spring and summer wafts in the air.

B: How's your dad?

G: Not good.

B: Has he been sick for a long time?

G: More than a year.

B: That's a long time for a sickness.

G: It's cancer. It's eating him up. I wish I could do something for him.

B: You visit him, don't you?

G: Of course.

B: I didn't mean anything. It was just that - I thought that - if you want me to visit him with you or something.

G: Why would you do that?

B: To make you happy?

G: Is that a question?

B: More like a matter of fact - reply.

G: I am still wondering why you're so kind. Especially since you found out that I am afraid of responsibilities and hate expectations and commitments.

The boy looks far into the distance. The girl gives him a sideway look.

G: I hope it's not pity.

B: It's not.

G: Sure?

B: Yeah.

G: Then you don't have to explain. As long as it's not pity.


B: What's your answer then?

G: To what?

B: To visiting your dad.

G: I suppose it could be ok. But what are you coming as?

B: Your friend.

G: Just?

B: I suppose.

G: A pity really.

B: Yeah.

G: Are you going now?

B: We're going out. My parents and I.

G: Eating?

B: Suppose you would join us?

G: No. But thanks for asking.

B: I am serious, though.

G: Thank you, but no. It's... just no.

B: Call me when I can come with you.

G: Sure.


B: Don't hesitate to call me. Even if it's the middle of the night.

G: I might test you on that.

B: I assure you that I won't disappoint you.

G: Don't make it a promise in case you break it.

B: I won't.

G: Make it a promise or disappoint me?

B: We both know the answer.

G: I think.

B: Bye.

G: Bye.

The boy turns around just before walking out of her sight. He puts his hands on either side of his mouth and shouts.

B: I promise.

Then he turns around and leaves the girl feeling slightly empty.






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