A Bench For Two

It was nothing at first.
Then it grew bigger.
The contours.
The edges.
Everything became clear.
Though only one question remained.
And only one of them knew what it meant.

'A Bench For Two' is a story about Gee and B. About confidence, friendship and most importantly love; though that'll always remain a mystery.

Hope you enjoy :)


13. Birds

A month later.


Bushes and trees surround a bench made of stone, the grass a carpet beneath it. Hither and thither a flower peeks up in yellow and white colours. High above the trees and from between the branches, the sky blinks dark and starry. No cloud breaks the harmony of the moon. On the bench, down beneath the leaves of spring and summer, a boy and a girl are sitting, looking, not at each other, but at the carpet of grass in front of them, bright in the light of the lightpost beside the bench.

G: I am leaving town.

Confined silence.

B: Where are you going?

G: Just away.

B: Does your mom know?

G: Yes.


B: Is it me?

Ginette shakes her head.

B: What is it then?

G: Why do you care? We've broken up. It's over.

B: I care because whatever was between us still is.

G: But we've broken up.

B: I don't care.

Pregnant silence.

B: I've been thinking about I-I-L.

G: What about it?

B: I never found out what it stood for.

G: That's easy.

B: What is it then?

G: Is it love?

Understanding. Surprise.

B: Why did we break up, Gee?

G: Because I am leaving town. Because long-distance is a term I can't understand.

B: But why, Ginette?

G: Why I am leaving town or why I don't understand the term?

B: Why are you leaving town?

G: Because ... I have lost myself.

A couple walks by. Brendan notices their interlocked hands.

G: I am sorry, Brendan.

Brendan's eyes are still on the couple who stops a distance from them and shares a long kiss. Ginette follows his eyes. They don't comment.

B: Why are we different, Ginette?

They watch the couple walk away and don't look at each other.

G: I don't know, Brendan.

A stony silence settles on the occupants of the bench. Brendan shifts his legs and Ginette closes her eyes.

B: Did you ever have a nickname for me?

G: Yes.

B: What was it?

G: It is, still.

B: What is it then?

G: Love.

B: You never used it.

G: I know.

B: Why?

G: I was too afraid.

B: And now.

G: Now I am leaving.

B: You are.

Heavy silence.

B: What are you going to do? After settling in, I mean?

G: I am going to work. I am going to keep my options open.

B: You have a path.

G: You too.

B: What is it?

G: You're going to take care of your sister just like you did to me.

B: And then?

G: Then she'll grow up to be a confident and clever girl. Not like me at all.

B: You are.

G: What am I?

B: You are confident. Bright. Clever. Beautiful.

G: You're in love.

B: I know.

G: Is it ever going to fade?

B: What?

G: This. This love.

B: With time it can.

G: Can't I hide it somewhere? To use later?

B: No.

G: Why not?

B: Because people change.

Thoughtful silence.

B: Are you coming back sometime?

G: Yes.

B: Do you think we'll be together again?

G: Maybe.

B: Do you want to?

G: Right now, yes. But later? I can't keep promises.

B: Right.

G: Maybe you'll find a better girlfriend than me.

B: And you'll find a gentleman.

G: That's right.

B: And maybe, just maybe, we're going to be together again.

G: Yeah. I like that.

B: Bright futures are always like that.

G: We never know.

B: That's right. We never know.


The silence settles on that night, closing chapters and opening others, always keeping memories, never forgetting. And maybe, this silence will settle on this place a few years later and meet the same couple, changed, tanned, fresh and new, and maybe, just maybe it'll witness their lifes interlace again. And maybe it'll forget as everyone else always does.

Though no one will ever know until the future spills its secrets. 

And until that time we remain unsure.

Of our future.



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