Friends Series 1 - 4 Ever

This is not based on the Tv-Show Friends... This is completely different but it's Series 1 so enjoy!
Each Series has five chapters
The story is based on two female teenager's who have their own P.O.V on everything... Their names are: Katie & Jessica which is me...
This Movella was inspired by BradFordBadGirl, Thanks for inspiring me
I learnt a few tips well alot of tips from BradFordBadGirl and you could too :D
Thanks again BradFordBadGirl x
- Jessica James x


2. Boyfriends... *sigh*

Jessica's P.O.V

yeah, i didn't feel like going to the beach since i got some urgent calls from my boyfriend, His name is Jay but Katie hates him, I remember trying to get her to talk to him but she fainted... Oops shouldn't of said that... Leaving the door open as i walk outside our home Katie throws a towel at me *yuck* it had hairs and sweaty socks on it, Then Katie shouted like a banshee "JESSICA TAKE THE TOWELS WITH YOU!", I replied okay while then feeling like a jerk... I finally knew that she was trying to make me look bad, Before continued my walk to the bar i threw the towel on the floor luckily Katie never saw me do it which was a breathless moment for me... Walking was a pain too, My small boots were sweaty while i could feel my foot sore... The pain was painful it felt like a wasp sting okay maybe i'm just being over dramatic but NO! it really does feel like that i would know since i have been stung in the past...  

Approaching the bar in these boots was pain too since my foot was now sticking to the soles of my nylon, I had to drag my feet up the couple of steps but man was that a killer i could now feel something sharp digging into my sole's skin as i then felt a prick at the back of my heels i actually thought there was an angry aggressive wasp inside my boots but there was no buzzing... I took two steps back down the couple of steps while then leaning on the hard but cold brick wall, My long hair was now getting brushed against my husky blue eyes as the tiny hair's firmly touched my nose, After sitting on the cold damp step with my painful soles i decided to take off my boots to check if there's a wasp or insect inside luckily there wasn't just smelly nylon and sweaty feet roamer's swiftly moving into the air like stink bomb to chase everyone away.

My eyes let out tears since tonight was a disaster i was happy that my boyfriend couldn't see me in this state so i decided to go bare foot into the bar which was my worst idea ever... Trying to get to the table where my boyfriend was sitting was the biggest pain ever... literally my sweaty toes got jammed into people's sandals as i tried to slowly move through a crowd of dancing people, The sweat from my feet made me slip into men that i didn't know one even tried to grab me after bumping into him but i ran faster through the crowd luckily i lost him, Well for now i was glad i had reached my boyfriends table but he looked sad and upset, The bright sprinkle of transparent blue tear's rushed down his cute but soft face as little drips of tears began to form from his chin and his nose,

I caught one of his tear's while trying to comfort him, I was now panicking thinking is it because he wants to break up with me? Or is he going to tell me bad news? I wondered why he was crying but i didn't have it in me to ask him so i whispered into his ear "come home babes" as my quiet voice vibrated in his silent ear drums he stood up while then moving to the exit without me... This made me feel that it's my fault so i started to cry while trying to hold it together, No it was too difficult so i went looking for him at the exit but he was no where to be seen... I even had enough confidence in me to ask the body guard, but he said that a crying guy walked down the alley towards broad croft road, That's where his mum and his ex-girl friend lives... I started to worry thinking has he left me forever for that slag that he calls ex...

Katie's P.O.V.

While saying goodbye to Jessica it was funny it was even funnier when i threw sweaty socks and my towel at her... Knowing Jess she will probably throw them on the floor but i didn't care as long as she held it for more than five seconds hee hee hee, While waiting bored at the house i received a text message... Which was a shock since no-one text's me at this time, So i grabbed the phone with my soft hands as i enclosed my finger's around the middle of the mobile phone i checked the message's it was from Tyler my ex boyfriend, I started to think WHAT DOES HE WANT?

so for some reason i actually read his message, It was quite a long message maybe he wants me back but i don't want him, After reading the long message i realised that his mum had died in a car crash last night so i had to be there for him there was a part of me that didn't care but i decided to reply with a soft comforting message it was a nice message from me to him, Okay babes i replied i'll be right over to comfort you... He replied saying does this mean we are getting back together? i had another part of me that wanted to say yes but my mind was else where thinking about life with out him which has been okay i guess... I texted back saying no but i don't think he is going to take that well i remember last time his mum had to make him stop crying with a bottle of milk which was hilarious so maybe i should say yes but i didn't while then thinking of life with him it changed my mind. My mind was thinking of him so much i even started drawing picture's of him while then sending them to Jessica and him... 

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