Beginning of A Girl's Day


1. Beginning of A Girl's Day

              She was lying on her bed. She felt as if some men were sitting around her and were waiting for her. Were they humans?!!! Not sure because they appeared dim and blur. Something like a spirit or like a magician who can make miracles happen. She was scared; Scared even to wake up as she knew she had to face them as soon as she opens her eyelashes. She was willing to know what was going on but her fear did not allow her to clarify all her questions.Slowly releasing her eyelashes by an inch gap, every now and then she saw those men and as soon as she saw them she would close her eyes and think about those men.  "Who are they?! What are they doing around me?!!!"-was the main question that repeatedly came in her mind. She felt badly irritated. She knew that if this environment continued to be the same she can never wake up as she found no signs of these men leaving the place. She felt she must talk to them, strengthened her heart and decided to wake up and  break the silence. 


Taking the name of god in heart she slowly opened her eyes wide. When those men saw her opening her eyes they asked her-"who are you? And why did you come here?". To her surprise they appeared calm and behaved in a good way with her. She felt strange. She had no answer to their questions. She stared at them with lots of question marks in her eyes. She turned around and found that she was in her home. She now had a guts to speak to them . She, in a strong voice clarified to them that she was in her home and she is the one who has ask this question to them. They now showed the anger in their face and yelled badly at her. They spoke among themselves and decided that the girl had come to occupy their home. A man caught her hand, pulled her out of the room and took her towards the living room. He showed her the framed photo of theirs hanged on the wall   of the living room with the date 10/10/2080 written on the bottom of it. "Look this is a snap we clicked on 10/10/2080. Can you see it, it is around an year old photograph and is clicked in the same living room. There are many more such evidences within this house to say that this is our house. Now stop bluffing and get out of the house"- said one among those men. "Did you say 2080?!!"-was her first question as soon as he said it and read the content on the photo again.She was shocked . She knew about 2012 and she thought this was the same year and these men say its 2090. Her confusion level increased and she was dumb silent. She had no words to say. She slowly approached the one who showed her the photo and asked him-"I want to clarify certain matters.Can i ask you several questions?Will you answer me and help me to clear my confusions?". He agreed to. She asked where did they find her and when. From when was she lying over there. So he said her-"We didn't know about you. We stayed in this house since last 8 years. But we never opened this room as the one from whom we purchased it had said us not to open this room. And the available rooms were more than enough for us.Today as guests are going to visit us in a small crowd we opened this room. And we found you. Thanks to god that you woke up". 


Nothing was still clear and she fainted out of irritation and then when she woke up she found herself in her bed and the things were all as it was in 2012. Her room was in the way she used to arrange it before. She soon went out to check for the photo frame in the living room. There was no any photo's or photo frame. Suddenly she heard some sound of utensils in the kitchen. She ran towards the kitchen to check out who it was? It was her mom. "Mom, Which year is this?"- she questioned. "What a crazy question dear. Have you lost your memory? "-said her mom with a puzzled accent. She went through the calendar soon and got it confirmed that it was 2012. Now she was sure that all what happened was a part of her early morning dream. 


This is all about the story on a Beginning of A Girl's Day with a Strange Dream.

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