Potatoes and Dragons (and other ways to pass the time)

Just some nosense poems. A bit of fun- I would like to point out that nosensical literature is also significant to this site... some of the best authors in history (Edward Lear, Lewis Caroll) have all contributed their fair share of brillaint creations to the literary world!
Hope you enjoy- always happy to read your's :D


1. The Potato and The Fish

Reader, this tale of love and greif

Begins in a field, yellow as Father Jack's teeth.

A potato was born to Mr and Mrs P,

This spud was brought up, as well as can be.


But he was different from his siblings and parents too,

He pondered on things like why the sky is blue.

How, where, what, when, which, who and why?

He thought about the white mashed potatoes in the sky.


He thought about what life behind the field could bring,

Of rock 'n' roll and footall and that kind of thing.

Spud knew in his heart what he was destined to be,

A portion of chips matched by a fish from the sea!


Distraught were his family and the rest of his kin,

They said: you'll be lucky to make a tater skin!

A roastie you were born and a roatie you'll stay,

Your new best-friend is gravy- that's just the way!


So Spud ran off, adventure on the way,

With a hat his gran knitted for his 5th birthday

And a pack and a blanket and a can of baked beans,

Tater was longing for sea-side scenes.


Long and exciting was his sea-side sojourn,

He saw black-birds and hedgehogs and fields of corn.

At last he found pebbles and sand and the sea!

He ran down to the water and saw a beauty... 


...A radiant fish with silvery skin

"You're lovely" Tater cried, with a flirtatious grin.

"Why thank you, kind sir!" She replied with a smile,

And they talked and they laughed and they loved for a while.


The Fish and the Spud then danced by the sea,

A moonlight waltz, to a romantic melody.

But taters don't dance (they have two left feet)

So they went to the pictures for a movie treat.


But as they were sat in front of "The Cod-Father 2",

A voice said: you'd make a lovely chip dinner for my crew!

And a deep fried cod to go with it as well...

... I'm taking you down to Fish and Chip hell!


Now, reader, they're sat by a greasy fryer,

These star-crossed lovers... their situation is dyer.

"Marry me, Fishy!" the tater cried,

" Yes!" she yelled back, and with that, she died.


So reader, you now know of their tragic fate,

Served with ketchup on a cold plastic plate.

Never was there a tale of more woe

Than Spud and his dearest Cod-roe.





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