My love drinks blood

Jonnah goes back to school

The summer break had finished jonnah walked down the hall fabian stared and smiled
romance about two diffrent people


2. she finds out

The next day of school Jonnah walked over to fabian and said "where were you last night" fabian said " uhhh her" jonnah shot out her fangs and said "did you see us because we want you to be one of us if you saw us and know what happends it will be like it has happend"  fabian thought should i be a vampire then he said "i will when exactly? jonnah whisperd in his ear "tonight in the science room 5:00" then she rushed off.It was  5 :00 fabian went to the science room jonnah said "ah fabian are you ready" he said "yes" "great" said the vampires then fabian got bitten and screamed "ahhhhhh" then there was a blood wirl pool around fabian and he had long shap fangs and ran outside to drink  a stranger blood and said "yum yum more"

 be cotinued

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