Teen Talez

Catch up with Nia and her friends as he goes through high school. :)


1. Monday 2nd September

Dear Diary,
Well... Today was my first day in year 9! Me and Zara got the bus to school then met Mandy in the yard. We caught up and chatted about summer homework, wandering round the school grounds. Then we saw them- The Nasties. Natalie,Angel and Sophie were walking towards us arm in arm as always. They started giggling even louder when they reached us. Natalie flicked her platinum hair in Zara's face. The others followed whipping their pony tails in the air, smirking in our direction
We just smirked back! They looked annoyed- but they always do! It's pathetic really, they think they're the queens of the school...the country...the world!!! They walk round like they know it all but they don't (they're all in BOTTOM set!) Their "daddy's" supply then wih all the money they want so they have all the latest clothes! Me and the others don't really bother with them, they're not worth it, but they always see to have a dig at us! Maybe it was something to do with that time in kindergarten... But that's another story!
We walked past The Nasties and headed towards the common room to collect our timetables, there were 3 common rooms, one for lower years(years 7,8 & 9(us!)),one for higher years(years 10 & 11) and one for sixth form! Our common room was great! We have our own little spot we grabbed it during our first week of year 7! It's concealed round a corner and has a great view of the grounds!

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