feathers, dancers & metal lust

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and other things.


16. untitled


the lines of your jaw are transcendent,

evoke a pleasure in me.

the dead letters of love are sent;

he has eyes yet he cannot see.


i never realised you gave me wings.

when did i learn to soar?

a mind filled with meaningless things;

never understood before.


my hand runs down your spine,

a deep breath of cold intimacy.

your fingers tangle themselves in mine;

then the colours blend, wandering free.


lust crawls to the light,

pulled back into the dark by sadistic desire,

i begin to loose sight;

fall into a world where only you inspire.


you’re whispering sweet nothings in my ear,

my cheeks spasm, a smile is produced;

deep voice and soft comfort drowning all fear.

a single word and my body is seduced.


alas all good things come to an end,

no marching band of men,

just a messenger angel to send,

to bring you home again.


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