feathers, dancers & metal lust

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and other things.


8. let us create god.


tell me its all just a dreamscape; the monsters in my mind aren’t living nor dead nor purgatorial.

heaven and hell does not exist; only neutrality that eats away at my soul.

why not let us make god? so all this peace can be restored, definity included in our languages…


then we would all know; this is who we pray to, this is who we worship. one day we will.


we enclosed all our wishes in a envelope made of gold, engraved it with perfection and sent it on the backs of a thousand eagles;

soaring into the cool night sky burning alive with millions of fireballs

(those things are called stars; an astronomer told me.


he also told me of the other planets, how god could not have made us.

then where is salvation?! i yelled.

does this mean that all we will become is death, swallowed in war-like tendencies…

a world where more is spoken of anorexia and green paper;

than of the future, of the children, and of the good deeds we commit? i screamed.


he smiled, and then he began to laugh.

you amuse me, he grinned. that green paper is what you use to live)


this is not living.


notes used to be things of beauty; not slips of paper used for bargaining.

paint strokes and visionary words used to make us laugh an cry; now we laugh and cry at moving pictures on a screen created by not-so-beautiful-note grabbing ‘actors and actresses’



and when we asked for god; when we created him. i longed to ask of him:

what of this world we live in? can you fix it?

can you bring back; the notes of beauty

                                    the living paint

                                         the love of words

and the peace i so long for?


one day a crack of storm began, it seemed the sky itself was splitting. then we saw a vision of god;

birds flew in every direction, the feathers falling everywhere.

children danced in this soft, comforting rain.

men and women joined hands, rejoicing.


no one knew what to say, what to do… for once; we were stuck.

(a giant unity of ‘we did it!’ perhaps?)


i stepped forward, and i read from a green paper all the things i had wished to say to god.

the reaction was not immediate; first he smiled.

my heart leapt.

then he began to laugh; and i was confused.

in an instant, he was gone. i was left with the words:


‘you amuse me’


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