feathers, dancers & metal lust

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and other things.


20. i and she


if she pulls, she screams "you could beat my head"   yet as she twists her body this way and that, it    seems my legs are jelly but filled with lead.       transfixed.       her limbs have no will to bend,    but the bones snap,    she cries as she waits to mend.        circled.       it seems that her body is crushed,   but her mind is filled with life and essence,    and though she is rushed,        dancing.       in the end i forbade her,   her bones were filled with greenstick cut,    but then she pleaded, pouted, "sir,        i do...       i do believe it's my decision,   whether to torture my soul and body,   if not i shall make an incision,       to us,       and we shall be 'we' no more."   so i was stunned, and she fell   crouching to taste the floor.       we       became i and she. 
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