feathers, dancers & metal lust

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and other things.


3. drumsandstrings


i am going to write beautiful poetry to express my ugly feelings.


“there’s a pain in my chest and i know it separates me from you,

and it is reflected in all the little things i do.

there is a piano that plays in the hearts of the losers;

and a drum that beats as the heart for the soothers.”


every now and then those pianos break a string.

and the song becomes worse and more fragile.

we are losers because the strings break.

the drums can take any beating and still stay strong.






he looked up from the written words and he said:

“the drums break too. if you beat to hard, the skin will break and you can see right through the soother.”


it is sad but that is the sweetest thing i ever heard.


he carried on.

“i will be your soother. every time a string breaks, i will put a new one in for you.”




“and i will be your loser. every time that skin rips, i will be there to see the contents of you and make sure none escapes. i will put it all back, and make sure the skin is extra thick for next time.”


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