feathers, dancers & metal lust

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and other things.


2. death dances; melancholic


no mother; no father,

only a vulture to watch

as i lay dying.


a hand reaches out,

my own?

grab the bones,

dry, dusty, sand.


death dances melancholic.

didn’t you hear me?

i said no.

get your claws away.


feel too sick to vomit;

like the sound of

my lover insulted, scorned.

protect with my life.


i wish you would protect with yours;



don’t let them win

death dances; melancholic.

please don’t look at me that way.


it hurts not to help.

hurts like the bones;

crushed between my fingers.

splintered; greenstick cut.


blood and sand,

i’m drowning…

forgot to swim;

the sharks still remember.


look at my hand;

i crushed those bones for you.

you’re not looking…

the vulture still waits.


death dances;



she can’t have me.

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