End Of My Life


1. End Of My Life


Life is a four letter word whose explanation can be given in short or even in thousands of words or more. No one can ever say where and when it begins or ends. It takes not more than a single second for a soul to move out of our body.  Usually we never know when we die and how?! We just live our present in the expectation of living tomorrow too. There are few in this world who gets the signs of their death few minutes before it could happen, few who gets the opportunity to struggle to save themselves from death before it occurs. I was one among such living beings. Ops…sorry. How could I continue to speak without introducing me? Well, I am Tinku; the dog belonging to pretty popular breed around the globe, i.e. “German Shepherd”.   I lived with my family including four humans. I am sure you are not surprised reading the past sentence as humans taking care of dogs as their pets is pretty much common. My care takers were my family for me. My dad was the head of this family who stayed abroad for work and used to visit us during his holidays. Though he didn’t stay with us throughout the year there was no option of forgetting him as he is the one who introduced me to this family and the one whom I loved a lot among the four. His visit to his house not just made him and the family happy. It was even me who was happy with his presence. I had a special respect for him considering him to be the head of the family. Next is mom.  She was not less than my real mom. She took good care of me. Probably she had showered equal love on me and her daughters. Daughters, yes… they had two daughters. Both were equal to be my sisters. There were moments where I played with them and I was angry with them sometimes too for yelling at me while teaching the mannerisms, irritating me by covering a cloth on my body, etc... Recently from few days my family used to tie me to a palm tree which was situated near the stone that they used to wash clothes. It was in the end of the compound where this place was situated. They once tied me here for they had to clean the place where they usually tied me. I jumped and sat upon the stone beside me. I enjoyed sitting over it and looking around as it was in a height. The house next door was a bit low and the stone in which I was sitting was bit higher than the land within the compound of our home. My mom and sister’s saw that happiness in my face and understood that I liked the place. There on they started tying me over there. That night as usual mom served me my dinner, asked for a shake hand, wiped her hand over my head, kissed me and wished me good night and walked in. I had my dinner and slept over the stone. After some time my family slept. I too was sleeping with my ears open. Suddenly, I had to get down for I wanted to empty my stomach by excreting. After finishing this work I kept my foot on the compound wall, which I always used to do while climbing the stone as it acted to be a support for climbing. But this time I lost my balance by mistake. I slipped and fell down the compound wall. I fell down to the compound of next door. As I already said, it was a bit low from land within our compound. I was tied to my chain. I never thought this chain would be a loop that will kill me one day. I was undergoing the suffocation. I wanted to call my family for the help, but… I was helpless as my voice was not loud due to the suffocation I faced. I couldn't call them nor could I let them know that I was in a problem by some other way. Though I had a family that loved me and cared for me, there was no one with me at this hard moment of my life.  Luckily I found a small area on a compound wall where I could place my foot for support. I tried to climb up with the help of that area.  My continuous effort made that area to be flat and plain; say in my support broke and fell down. My effort to climb up didn't help me out in any positive way rather my legs started bleeding because of such a sort of struggle. By now I had nothing with which I could save myself. I had lost the hope of surviving though I really wanted to survive. Anyhow even bearing this suffocation had become impossible.  Now I realised that this was going to be my last moment. This night is going to be my last night and I will not be in a state of seeing tomorrow’s sun. I just started thinking about my life in the END OF MY LIFE. The day when my dad brought me home and placed me in their dining room, I was just a month old and my eyes weren’t even clearly opened. I had a blur view and was a bit ill. As he placed me on the ground my sisters came running towards me and started playing with me. They ran around the room making a louder sound out of their foot step and I had to identify where they were by following that sound. After a couple of month I was here and was perfectly set with the family and surrounding, my dad went abroad. I waited for his arrival every evening but felt bad to see only mom and sisters back home. He used to sometimes talk to me on phone. It was my stupidity that I tried receiving the call when my family was not in home thinking it would be dad’s call. I had broken the phone wires in the attempt to receive it and talk to him. I was happy to see him back 3 yrs later. Every time he came home I would be happy. But when he left home I was the saddest of all. I remembered about the day when my dad sister’s and me, all together played football. Ah…a hard hit from dad had hurt me so badly that it was for the last time I played football. Every time mom prepared fish or meat I was waiting for my dinner. And I always tried to escape from the hands of my family when I was left free as I knew getting caught is equal to be tied up. I didn't want that to happen. After beating me for my mistakes my sister most of the times went away saying she won’t talk to me anymore. But within few hours she would be back to talk to me and that time though she would talk to me I wouldn’t look at her face out of anger. This would make her angry. She used to go back saying the same again and play stupid tricks to make me feel jealous. This would continue long and end up finally. I had spent around seven and half years with my family and I had a lot more memories to cherish. But, may be my soul was not so patient enough. It had decided that it will leave my body right now. My breath stopped; so did my life. It was the END OF MY LIFE.
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