Frostbitten Flame

This concept had been playing on my mind for that last few days, yet I had found it incredibly difficult to articulate my thoughts upon each attempt to pen this poem. It was only when listening to a poignant, melancholy cover of Taylor Swift's Safe & Sound on youtube that I was finally able to piece it together. I do hope it worked as I intended it to. Sophie xoxo


1. Frostbitten Flame

The wind whispers a tale of woe

And lingers where she cannot go

As mourners stand amongst the snow

lamenting what they do not know.


The girl who sleeps aside the roots

Despairs over the dark dispute

From hatred's leisurely pursuits

Creating an eternal mute.


The love she held for her sweet dear

Was tarnished by another's fear

Who willed for her to disappear

Through malice held forever near.


Her tears and his fall softly down

Frantic to make her sorrow's drown

Never again to wear his crown

Nor steal his breath in her ball gown.


The rain begins to gently hiss

And passes down to meet his kiss

A pleasure she'll forever miss

And haunt her dreams in death's abyss.


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