The Course Of The River

Hey everybody, so i've only started writing poems today and to be honest i've never written poems before! I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave some feedback. Thank you :D


1. The Course Of The River

 Course of the river

My ears tingle and relax.

To the sound of the harmonious water

crash and collide into the rocks and boulders that stand within it’s path.

My body is soothed and rejuvenated as i feel the soft curls of air brush against my fragile skin.

My toes feel numb and cold when i feel the rough waves scrape past my feet

In a hurry to catch up with the other droplets of water that make up each and every wave.

My mind and soul is totally and utterly at rest

Whilst i feel all of my worries and thoughts being carried away,

as far away as the free ride within the river will take them.

Past the up’s and down’s of the river,

Around the curves of each bend,

Tthrough the rocky course of it’s route,

Finally submerging deep within the depths of it’s pool,

The pool of calmness and tranquility,

The pool of which submerges the contents of my subconscious,

The pool of which free’s me from my waking life and enters me into my spiritual self, 

which is yet to be discovered…

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