The Senses Of The Sea

Hey everybody, this is the first poem that i've ever my life hahaha i hope you like, feel free to leave any feedback etc. Thank you :D


1. The Senses Of The Sea

The senses of the sea

Tilting my head back as i feel the sun’s rays warmly place itself on my delicate body,

The warmth making goosebumps lightly appear on my skin,

Feeling the wet waves of the earth’s natural blanket

cover my toes as my feet slowly sink into the gold dust we call sand beneath my feet.

Hearing the crashing melody of the ocean constantly replaying in my head.

The scent of the world’s natural reserve of salt lingering in the damp air of which i breathe.

Tasting the rough shards of sand that have been seperated by the wind

from the millions of grains of sand beneath my toes and my feet.

The thousands of miles of glistening water freely rocking back and forth in front of my careless soul,

I long for this feeling of freedom not to end-

I feel free, I feel free, I feel free…

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