A Dog's Diary

A Dog starting it's new life with new owners<3


3. The Car Journey

Dear Diary,

The Humans are taking me into their car, It's orange..I don't like orange, looks like carrots.

I'm sitting on this strange girls lap, she's stroking my back. They can't take me, I'm only young! She looks me In the eyes and says "Charlie, Perfect! Named after Charlie Weasley" I Look at her as she continues to talk, Arghh. The car bumps up and dow-oh..Urm yeah, just trumped...Kinda smells. She's winding down the window, I can now escape! HALLELUJAH!

Oh wait, Can't escape..The floor is magically moving!! What kind of witchcraft is this?!

Looking out window makes me tired, *Yawn* So tir-Zzz Zzz



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