A Dog's Diary

A Dog starting it's new life with new owners<3


6. I've forgotten

Dear Diary,

I forgot all about this diary, it has been about 2 months. So I am now a big boy who hates baths.

Mummy give me a bath today, i felt even heavier than I normally do...like a soaking wet wolf.

I talk to the next door neighbors dog, Max, he's small and black and I think he is a bit too fat for his collar, but shh, don't tell him i wrote that, OKAY?!


I love my owner, she died her hair ginger a couple of days ago, I can now eat her. OMNOMNOM.

I better get to sleep or else my owner, who i shall now call mummy, will think i'm either sleep walking or getting into mischief...muahahhaa;D


Lots of lovely biscuits and licks,


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