Loneliness Cripples The Soul

This is a pony story, you can read it whether your a brony, or non- brony! no negative commenys please! this is my first story


2. Silent Witness

Spike's POV:

as i shivered in the coldness of the room and the happenings, my mind flooded with horrifying images that would haunt me forever, i recited twilight's words, i couldn't tell anypony.... but dare i ask her, what would we do with the body? 

as i crept downstairs, i heard the slurp of the straw, she always drank coke when she was either stressed or freaked, the television was booming and she was watching 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air', usually she'd be laughing her head off, but she stared blankly at the screen, slurping down her 4th bottle of coke.

"a-ahem" i coughed blatantly. Her head snapped round and she slurped again. i felt a cold chill as she stared at me.

"dar- dare i ask what we do with the body? some pony may become suspicious...

she stared blankly at me then turned back to the tv screen, as i stepped back up the stairs, she coldly spoke: "for once your using your brain

the race was on......



sorry its only short, next ones Twilight's POV ect


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