Stella is your usual trouble maker. she never cared ifshe got in trouble, or if she upset someone. Its not Stella to be quiet or good, but when people from her gang start dissapearing she gets suspicious, when a mysterious figure appears and tells her hes the angel and hes helping her turn good so darkness dosnt take her like al of her friends things start being weird for stella. Is her angel really who she things he is.


1. excluded.

"Stella, go to the princibals office NOOOWWW" Stella had messed up again, well it wasnt her fault, that stupid thing didnt understand her creativity, well, at least thats what stella thinks "Cow" she mutterd ubder her breath. Miss Hollows just turnd around clearly annoyed with Stella, "I heard that". With a slam on the door Stella shouted "Good". She was pretty sure shes gonna get kicked out of the school, she always does. Stella had never been in a schol longer than 4 weeks. You see, Stella sees thr world as her oyster, but the only problem is, she thinks she the pearl, she can never be hurt, she controls everything, fair enugh most teenagers thinks that, but Stella just reached another lever of rudness. With her eyebrows crossed she stumbled slowly to princibals office, knewing what was comming.

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