He Needs To Stay On Top Of His Studies

A collection of poetry from a bored and procrastinating college student.


6. There's A Time For Words And A Time For Actions, Don't You Think?


Scoring a series of Pyrrhic victories

You wave your dominance in my face

Arguments break out, like cracks in the ceiling

The rainwater leaks in and mixes with my tears


The door was slammed, the hinges worn and aching

I cry not for my shattering heart

You are acerbic, your venom spilling out

Through cherry lips, making a pool of pure poison


Some rope, looped, was tied around my bruised ego

Dragged and dirtied, sullen and broken

A once proud man reduced to mere rubble

Believed I was verbose, a writer and poet


I place down my pride, step to one side and mourn

The death of free sex and thoughtful gifts

I place all my hope in someone else this time

Forget love, welcome solitary narcissism

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