He Needs To Stay On Top Of His Studies

A collection of poetry from a bored and procrastinating college student.


9. Teenage Mewlings AKA


Look in my eyes, and examine the hole,

Got lost for a while, I’m feeling so cold,

Mind is made up; I can’t speak to you,

I’ll hold my tongue, in return for the truth


Jump-start the engine, and flick on the switch

Smooth over my head wound, as it’s starting to itch

Play your infantile game, and expect me to crack

I’m through with your cheating, I can’t call you back


The world could crumble, for all I care

The agony’s drilling, this pain is unfair

Why can’t you see, that you have done me wrong

What love feels like, I’ve wondered too long

To care, to share, to bare our souls?

To hurt, to flirt, to curtly reply?

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