He Needs To Stay On Top Of His Studies

A collection of poetry from a bored and procrastinating college student.


7. mY mInD iS nOt WoRkInG


This may seem like a random set of words to you.

To me, it is reality in free flow.

Nothing comes out as it is meant to.

Some beauty in the way life seeps into the page?


It comes out in bunches, a clusterfuck of little phrases.

Mashed together into a coherent stream of incoherent babble.

You laugh, you cry, you feel pain like me, like them, like us.

No-one likes it but we all make do with the lying bastards in our lives.


My liar is my brain, it lies to me regularly.

Every day, it sprouts new thoughts like weeds.

Nasty, dirty, hateful thoughts.

At least that’s what others think.


I am God.

I know because I can see it all.

I can see horrors coming over the hills.

I hope they don’t come for you.


Careful incision, a slow withdrawal of life, a last grasp of mortality.

Mortality is fleeting and changes or is that morality?

You pretend to care when someone feels pain.

It doesn’t affect you so it doesn’t matter to you.


Running away from myself.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted in a small blue cup of pain.

I know that the needle threads itself across, criss-cross.

My brain gasps at my conscience.

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