He Needs To Stay On Top Of His Studies

A collection of poetry from a bored and procrastinating college student.


12. Crack In Time (Dream of Staying Here with Me)


Don’t you wish you

Were seventeen

All the time, eternally young

Living at an age

Where passion

Danger, romance, beauty

Anger, vibrancy resonating

In the very briefest flickers

Of your mind while you

Dream about what you will

Do when you’re old.


Going out drinking

Smoking, sexing

Without a care

In the world

Or a care for what

Will come in the future

As your body cracks

From the pressures

Of age.


Or maybe reading

Silently, delving into

Worlds where

Anything and

Everything is possible

And how much you wish

You could live there

Never growing old

And forever staying young.

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