He Needs To Stay On Top Of His Studies

A collection of poetry from a bored and procrastinating college student.


10. A Picture, A Portrait, A Painting


The sky, velvety and calm

With the delicate cloak of dusk

Watching, with omniscience

The Moon smiles and laughs


I watch, my nocturnal prey

The keeper of my heart

One day, I hope to hold her

 Serene with no equal


Her face, pale as the lily

Starlight trickles down her cheek

So smooth, her porcelain skin

The epitome of youth


Her smile, it melts hardened hearts

Beauty has no name for it

Flawless, soft and full of warmth

With lips of dark cherry


Her eyes, two sapphires of blue

They twinkle in the light

Charming, they entrance my soul

Now ever in her hold


Her body, it soothes weary eyes

Fragile and innocent

Gentle, it is perfection

An artist’s sweet dream


She waits, silent and ready

To be loved and to live

One day, I hope to hold her

Serene with no equal

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