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1. They kissed and everything changed!

"The dark feelings that overwhelmed her head where finally interrupted. The softness and eagerness of his kiss brought to her a warmth that she was unfamiliar with. He embraced her and she realized that she was finally safe, complete, happy....". - What the fuck!? Why does anyone read this shit!? What are these romantic creepy teenagers novels all about? '"She was finally safe, complete, happy...until he farted in front of her and she realized he was human after all, and that she was a superficial bitch- the end". I hate these stupid super romantic emo/ vampire stories! What the fuck is that? I really don't get why these things are successfull. I am sixteen and all of my friends already had sex and cheated at each other, bullied or has being bullied, drank alcohol, smoked weed and everybody wants more of all this. How the hell can these people be searching for  a romantic vampire or princess to make then feel safe? The only explanation is that they are all a bunch of hypocrites and idiots! I bet they are! Most of then don't even like sex, alcohol or weed. They are just doing what somebody established as cool. In the end they are all needy babies pretending they are cool fuckers! Stupid. That is why I hang out with the only virgin girl and the geekiest ( not in a cool way) guy of school. To me they are the only ones with attitud. I actually call then V and G. They call me K, that stands for Kamikase. They came up with that.Fair enough!

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