A Matter of Fiction: Volume 2 Minus 1

A Matter of Fiction – Volume 2 Minus 1, a comic adventure, tells the story of William Harke, a shy bachelor, who is stuck in the rat race of modern society. After William meets Melinda, an unpredictable woman, and Theodore, an aging hippy scientist, he is shown that adventure isn't all fun and games. Through time, literally, William gets caught up in a conspiracy that only the three of them together can bring to an end.

As the three get separated, one chasing one clue while another chases another, they find that their lives are somewhat linked together. As one character disappears to here and then, they reappear to there and now. It is not until Teddy gets kidnapped that things start to get really strange.

Eventually when they are hired by a company that has its sights set on world domination, we think, it seems that their fate is a short one. Who owns this company? What is their big plan? Who are The Disciples? And who is making the next cup of tea?


3. 3

It was, or I should say is, 1985. Twelve years before William Harke will meet a lady called Melinda Seefork. It was sunny, no wind and a Saturday. Now this day would become a great day in history. Not for the masses but for a small handful of people. Unlike the times to come far in the future where no-one talks to one another because Argos have lowered the price of Perspective Calculators down to £2.99, this day sees a private invention being created where its use does not affect how much people talk to each other. Although it could!

Theodore Ramshook was no ordinary man. His brain was not and is still not ordinary. Theodore was an inventor and what some people would stereotype as a ‘hippie’. Baggy corded trousers, Dr Martin shoes, the brightest psychedelic t-shirt to come out of the 70’s and an overcoat. The overcoat was much like any you would see a doctor wear; it was white and long. It is also much like an overcoat you would see a hippie inventor wear in 1985 should you happen to make some time to go there. Theodore Ramshook didn’t really have any friends, he didn’t need them. He would lock himself in his house and contain himself in his own kitchen. It was on his kitchen table on this Saturday afternoon where his new invention had just been completed. Before Theodore had a chance to switch on his new device for testing the door bell rang. ‘Allo Teddy me boy, got this letter ‘ere I need you to sign for if you would be so kind.’ Now Theodore knew the gentleman standing at his door, they use to go to school together. The little friends Theodore had back then in his younger days would always call him Teddy. It seems the principles of pronouncing someone’s name properly is beyond the conception of 10 year olds. Sadly this shortened version of his name stuck. So Teddy it was and now still is. The gentleman stood in front of him, that he knew from school, was in fact now or was the local postman of the town where Teddy lived. In more recent years that gentleman has retired himself from delivering peoples post and now delivers pizza’s for the local takeaway. Something to do with a better chance of scoring young single girls at sleep over’s compared to old wrinkled housewife’s at home on cold bitter mornings. What that gentleman used to score these women on was anyone’s guess; Teddy recently thought that he must have devised his own chart of some kind.

Teddy walked back to his kitchen with the letter that he had to sign for in his hand. This letter simply got slipped into one of the pockets on his overcoat and clearly forgotten as the excitement of trying his new invention for the first time took over him like a mouse when it smells cheese.  Teddy gazed over his device and was very proud of himself, his invention was indeed very shiny and we all know that hippies like shiny things. The big green button labelled ‘ON’ was so tempting to push but Teddy knew he could not do this, not yet. Before he could push that very tempting button he had to program his device with a date, a time and a location. Teddy hit a button that he had labelled ‘Random’ and without looking at where or when he was going the ON button was hit.

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