Now or Never

Do you? Do you know how it is to meet your Idols? I don't think so. Because there isn’t many there have been close to them. We always dream about, how it would be to meet them, and think about if it happens. But do we know if it gonna happen? That feeling do many have and I have it too.

But this girl is trying it and she feels like the happiest girl in the world! But how is it? Can she handle to be so close to them? Or will it just be a disaster?

Hope you will try to find out, how it is some day! But try to read this first.
(One Direction fan Fiction)


2. "What Makes You beautiful"


…” I stared at my mom. She was making that dramatic face, like she used to do. “Your dad and I have got your some...” she looked over to my dad and he was making the best face and I was just thinking...”ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!” I screamed all over the room and my heart was pumping.  “Off course have we brought you some tickets, honey?” I jumped out of my chair. The best feeling I’d ever had. I was smiling and just being the greatest moth. I run up to my room and fall down in my bed. Just thinking about, to see the boys, that would just be so awesome. I turned on the CD player and listened to “What Makes You Beautiful”I laded there until the song were done and then I walked down to thank my parents. “Thank you mom and dad, I’m like so happy right now!” I laded down in my mother’s arms and give her that biggest hug of my life.

“Try to catch the bus this time, Camilla” my mom screamed when I leave the house. Oh what a news! I could tell my friends about this big opportunity to meet the boys. My best friend would be a little bit jealous, I think. But there wasn’t something to do about that. I stand at the bus stop and wait for the bus, when Jack walked by. He is one of the hottest of the school and I always was jealous, on his girlfriend. But not this time! My mind was only thinking about One Direction; I didn’t even see the bus coming, before he yelled at me.

“Now, what is the special news?” my best friend, Rosa said. She was sitting next to me. “Uhm...I don’t know If you gonna be angry on me.” I said with derived voice and look at her.  “I have something to say to, and you’re not gonna love it…” she look out of the window and it was hard to get eye contact with her. “I’m gonna start,” I said and try to get her attention, “my mom and dad brought me One Direction tickets…” someone was yelling at me in the back of the bus and I turned around, it was just the most annoying kid on my school. “YOU DON’T SAY?!” Rosa yelled and got a big smile. “My mom brought me tickets too!” we screamed in the bus and all stared. It was kind of awkward, but stile it was a great moment.

“Good morning class.” It was Mrs. Hamilton. She was the angriest person on the school, and off course was she our math teacher.  I was showing the ticket to my friends. But I was keeping it really good fast in my hand, so no one toke it. I was showing it to Ben when…” what is this, Mrs. Hoeck?” she stared at me with her evil eyes…”it is my ticket to One Direction concert.” I said and stared back at her. “You are giving it to me, now” she said and meant it. What should I do, I wouldn’t get her my ticket…


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