Now or Never

Do you? Do you know how it is to meet your Idols? I don't think so. Because there isn’t many there have been close to them. We always dream about, how it would be to meet them, and think about if it happens. But do we know if it gonna happen? That feeling do many have and I have it too.

But this girl is trying it and she feels like the happiest girl in the world! But how is it? Can she handle to be so close to them? Or will it just be a disaster?

Hope you will try to find out, how it is some day! But try to read this first.
(One Direction fan Fiction)


3. "Tell Me a Lie"


… ”Give me the ticket, Camilla!” she yelled at me, I didn’t think that she would do that. Rosa rocked in her chair closer to me. “Just give her this ticket,” she whispers in my ear. I looked at the ticket, and I wasn’t real. She has painted a new one with her color pencils. “Here you going, Mrs.” I give her the ticket and rocked back on my chair. Rosa has saved my life, again. Mrs. Hamilton walked up to her disk and put the fake ticket in her desk. It was wonderful to see that she thinks that it was the right one. I was nearly laughing of it, because you don’t see that every day. “Mrs. Hoeck, you can come and pick it up after school.” She walked back to the blackboard and keeps talking about the math. Me and Rosa give each other the cool face and looked at the blackboard again.

“That was close!” I said to Rosa when we walk down the street. “You don’t say if you weren’t so fast to paint, I was dead.” We looked at each other and couldn’t stop laughing about it, before we came home. My mom was about to read the news paper, when I walked in. “Hi Honey, was it good at school?” she reach her head from the newspaper and looked at me. “Hi Ulla,” Rosa said so my mom knew that there was other in the house. “Come Rosa, we go upstairs.” We were nearly coming up, when…

“Camilla, have you done your homework?” Rosa was about to laugh of it. “Mom I’m first coming home now, how could I have done my homework?” my mom and I always has conversation like this, when I was coming home and she asks a weird question.  She rolled her eyes and then continues reading in the news paper.

“Have you read the J.14 this week?” I haven’t but I couldn’t tell her. If I do it, she laughs at me. It is like the most popular magazine and I should have read it! “Off course I have, it is just so cool” I smiled and hope that she wouldn’t ask me about it. “I think it’s crazy how American fans can be so crazy, they have burn a shop so there could come a One Direction shop instead. I was standing with open mouth. How could people do it! I would also like a One Direction shop, but not burn a shop for it. “Please close your mouth honey, we can’t have if you are eating a fly.” Seriously mom, she always does that. She is walking by in that moment, I have my mouth open. “I really like your mom!” typical Rosa replication.


“Why do you not talk to me?!” he’s face turned angry, like usual. I haven’t she him smiling in a long time. Since the day we came together the pressure from the management and the fan, have done him stressed. “I will talk to you, but not right now.” I looked at the ground and a little tear ran down my cheek. “It is always like this, you become mad and I have to be it to. You are just hard to be together with” he faced the ground and kicked to the chair. I could see the anger in his eyes and the flame there was burning his heart. “Just leave me alone, harry!” I ran out of the house, crying and my heart was hurt.

Walking down the street was a good way to get out my feelings. Harry and I haven’t been agreeing in long time and it was hurting me. This fight there was coming every day, Day or at the night. I walked into the park and sit down at a bench. The trees were giving a special feeling to this place. There sweet melody, it was sounding like someone whisper. It was starting to rain, and time to get home. If I was giving Harry sometime he always cold down. But this time, he wasn’t. He hit me in the face…


Waking up, hyperventilating. Another dream, but this was bad. I only have bad dreams, when something bad happens. But there wasn’t something bad happening. It toke me sometime to just chill, but it helped to look at my posters. Taking the ticket in my hand was feeling so good, when you were having a bad dream. But the ticket was feeling different. “SHIT! THIS ISN’T…”

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