Now or Never

Do you? Do you know how it is to meet your Idols? I don't think so. Because there isn’t many there have been close to them. We always dream about, how it would be to meet them, and think about if it happens. But do we know if it gonna happen? That feeling do many have and I have it too.

But this girl is trying it and she feels like the happiest girl in the world! But how is it? Can she handle to be so close to them? Or will it just be a disaster?

Hope you will try to find out, how it is some day! But try to read this first.
(One Direction fan Fiction)


1. "I Want"


"Hey, have I met you before?" he said to me. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. He lay he's arm over me and I feel a warm feeling inside me. "I think that I have seen you before?" he said again, I answer; "We haven't meet before, but I have been to your concerts." he was looking directly into my eyes, the most beautiful eyes I ever have seen. The green color and the glowing shine in he's eyes, did so I couldn't think clearly. "Do you mind if I ask you out?" he said and my heart feels like it would pump out of my breast. He was so wonderful, and he is. Like a star there was coming down to the earth, to love me and only me. '

My heart would say yes and was going to say yes. But at the same time I couldn't. I know how many girls he could get, and why would he pick me. It was hard to think about, when the dream you always have dreamed about is almost coming true. And so you see that it isn't so easy to just say yes. But I couldn't say no to him, he was the dream. "Yes Harry, what about tomorrow night?" I smiled and looked into he's beautiful eyes. He touch my hand and the warm flow out in the hole body, this beautiful moment will I never forget and the night would be even greater. 

He took my hand and we walk slowly away from the management, there would take Harry back to the hotel. We didn’t talk; we were just looking at each other and smiled. It was a little awkward but at the same time so beautiful. He turned me around like a real gentleman and looked at me. Our head was start going closer to each other and the lips were nearly touching, I could almost…

“BIP… BIP…” I woke up in my room. “Seriously, like right know?!” I sit up and looked at my poster on the wall. “Why do I always dream about you, Harry” my room was full with One Direction posters. There was little action men of them and book, pencils and I could say more. I always dreams about the boys, sometimes Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, but most about Harry. They were my favorite band, but I haven’t seen them to a concert yet, but I should soon…I hope. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen were my mom were cooking pancakes, her favorite breakfast (just as you know.) my dad were sitting in he’s chair in the end of the table. Reading the news and he always says when something with One Direction comes. My little brothers run down the stairs and fall over our old dog. “HAHAHAHA” l laud of him, but my mother seems to do it to. He was fine; he always was when he was falling. “Hey Camilla, try to hear what there is on the radio!”

I turned on the radio and One Direction was on. I was always dancing and singing when they came on and my father seems a little angry. But I never stop. It was “I Want” and I loved that song, I love them all. My little brother loved them to, I have taught him it. He was also singing to, but it wasn’t sounding as good as me. “Come in and eat your breakfast!” mom said and I sit down in my chair.

The pancakes were good this time. There was a special surprise when it was so good. My little brother walked upstairs after he has ate almost all the pancakes. My mom starred at me and I was like. “What are you doing, mom?” she make a face to my dad and so she start to say; “we have a special surprise for you. You know One Direction is coming to town right?” I think a little bit, “off course mom” I said. “There is a little surprise about that”…

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