When 21 year old music producer Lexii starts to fall hard for this unknown, unsigned guy, she finds out that trying to keep that relationship is more difficult than it seems. That's what happens when you fall in love with a 23 year old Bruno Mars


8. Chapter 8

I try to pull Bruno back but he’s too strong for me and runs off to Jake, Phil see’s him coming so he grabs Bruno and restrains him. Jake notices Bruno and instantly Phred grabs Jake and restrains him too. Jake spits out “So you’re the new flavour of the month ehh? She’s nothing special dude, don’t waste your time on that slut” “Phil let me go! Don’t you EVER talk about her like that again or I’ll fuck you up so bad that you won’t even be able to whisper her name” I know Jake and he’s scared of fighting, he’s all talk and no action that guy. “Fine, I’m going, watch out if she wants to play the “fire engine” game dude. See ya later Lex” Jake says with a wink. “Like hell you will” Bruno spits out. Phil and Phred let them both go. “Just one more thing *he turns and looks at Bruno* Best fuck I ever had” I lose my temper “Hey Jake! Remember Andy? Your best friend? Yeah I fucked him too, while we were still dating, best fuck I ever had” I yell back at him “YOU FUCKING WHORE!” Next thing I know Jake is on the floor and Bruno is clutching his fist in pain. Bruno punched Jake! I just want to run up to Bruno and hug him, but I can’t, he’s not mine to hug. I run back inside, shut the door and sit in front of it clutching my knees. I can’t control the tears anymore. Why did Jake have to come here tonight? Why did he have to say all those things? Why did Bruno have to get involved, I’m so happy he did what he did, but why!? WHY GOD DAMNIT!? Why does he put me under his spell like this!? I’m going mad from all this stress. I can’t take it anymore. It’s either me or Emma; it’s not fair to lead us on both like this. That’s how I know Bruno doesn’t like me, if he did then he would have broken up with Emma. I’m clearly not what he’s looking for.

I hear a knock at the door “Baby let me in” Why does he have to call me that? I like it, but I like it too much, I’m not his baby. “Lex, I really hurt my hand, please” I let him in and see that he really is in pain. He wipes away my tears with his other hand and just hugs me with all his might whilst stroking my hair, this hug was different from the last one he gave me out in the yard. This hug feels like he’s giving it with all of his love. I melt in his arms and start crying again, I’m such a mess. Such a stupid fool for falling for such a perfect guy. I realise Bruno is still in pain and reluctantly let go. “Let’s go and sort your hand out” I take him over to the sink and put his hand under cold water. It’s really swollen. I touch it and he flinches. I gently graze my fingertips over his knuckles where I can see slight bruising. He must have really hit him hard. I continue to move my fingertips all over his hands barely touching him; I gently blow on his fingers to hopefully ease the pain. It doesn’t look like anything is broken. I look up to tell Bruno and see his head thrown back and his eyes closed with a satisfied expression on his face. “Bruno?” “You don’t know how good that feels Lex” I smile and place his hand back under the water. “It doesn’t look like anything’s broken, but you must have hit him really hard” “How long were you dating that jerk for?” “On and off for a year” Bruno looks away from me “Lex, I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to hurt him after I saw your face, no one lays a hand on you, no one. Has he done that before?” I nod “It was why we broke up, well, it was why I dumped him. I don’t think he ever got over the fact that I did” Bruno tries to clench his fists again but stops before he realises that he can’t. I just stand in silence and let Bruno regain calm. “You know, when I was a kid, my sister threw a hairbrush at me and broke my nose, it hurt like a bitch” He says while laughing. “And you know what my mom did to help with the pain?” “Oh shit, pain killers, let me get you some” “No, well, I mean yeah, they would help but she did something else” I give Bruno some pain killers, even the way he drinks water is irresistible, the way his neck moved while he swallows. “What did your mom do?” “She kissed my nose and it made all the pain go away” Why was he telling me this? Does he want me to? “Would she do the same now?” “She would” What a tease! I gently life Bruno’s hand and give all of his fingers the most seductive kiss I can without actually making out with his hand. Bruno’s breathing deepens and he alters the way he’s standing. He swallows and looks in to my eyes. “You really are beautiful Lex” he moves a piece of hair from my face and moves his head in closer. I know where this is going. I feel his sweet breath on my face, his nose grazes mine. Just as our lips are about to touch, I pull away.
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