When 21 year old music producer Lexii starts to fall hard for this unknown, unsigned guy, she finds out that trying to keep that relationship is more difficult than it seems. That's what happens when you fall in love with a 23 year old Bruno Mars


4. Chapter 4

I see Bruno lounging on the couch in the exact same position that we were in earlier. But this time he’s with a girl and she’s all over him. I knew it, he has a girlfriend. And why shouldn’t he, everyone deserves to be happy, even if he’s not happy with me, he deserves to be happy, nothing was going on between us anyway. I repeat that over and over in my head. Take a deep breath and walk in. “Lexii!!” they all scream at me again, I just roll my eyes. “Must you guys do that ALL the time?” They all reply in unison “Yes” I turn to look at Bruno; he looks at the floor whilst speaking to me, which is odd, and says “Lex, this is Emma. My girlfriend” I knew it. “Pleasure to meet you Emma” “Call me Em, I hate the name Emma” I decided right then and there to always refer to her as Emma. Emma wasn’t THE most attractive person in the world, but if Bruno liked her, then I’m sure she’s perfect.

All throughout the rest of our studio session I was quiet which isn’t like me at all, I just wanted to get out of there, looking at the both of them together was making me feel sick. Even though she wasn’t doing much, what she was doing really got on my nerves. She would whisper in his ear, hold his hand, play with his fingers, throw her legs over him and she would often grab him and start to kiss him deeply until Bruno stopped her. I wanted that to be me. On some level I think she knew I was watching and I think she was doing it on purpose. I felt like slapping her because Bruno looked genuinely uncomfortable.

I get up to go outside for another cigarette; Bruno asks “Are you going for a smoke?” I reply with a single “No” even though I am, I just need some time to myself. I need to clear my head and stop thinking about him. When I go back in Phred says “Hey Lex, pool party at yours tonight?” I reply “Even if I said no, you’d still all show up right?” They all reply in unison again “Yes”. Damn them. But a party sounds amazing right now. I feel obliged to invite them; I don’t mind if they come, in fact, I want Bruno to come the most. It’s just Emma that I don’t want their. “Are you four gonna come too?” Bruno, Phil and Ari all agree until Emma interrupts “Babe, you can’t go, think about your voice. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go, no offence Lex, but you understand” Fuck you, if Bruno wants to come then let him! How bossy. “Of course I understand, but I still think its Bruno’s decision” Come on Bruno, take my side, I know there’s a slim chance that he will, but still. Bruno turns to Emma and says “we’ll talk about it later, ok?” He goes in for a kiss but she completely disregards it. I could just strangle her “And no one mentions this to Jacques either, I don’t want that pervert coming, he didn’t even bother to turn up today. Idiot”. Bruno spends the rest of the day next to me working on this new song and Emma just sits texting on her phone, not showing any interest in what he’s doing. About an hour later I see Emma go over to where Bruno is in the corner of the room. I can just about make out what they’re saying. “Bruno, I forbid you to go to that party tonight, I don’t trust that girl” What a bitch, but it’s true, I wouldn’t trust me either. “Em, nothing is going on between us, and I’m going tonight” YES! She leans in close and pushes her hips up against him “Babe, if you go, I’ll never forgive you” She kisses his lips and continues. “If you love me then you won’t go” Bitch. I see her hand start to play with his buttons and she slowly moves it down to his…… I gasp. Loud. Bruno notices and pushes her off him. She turned him on, I can see. How I wish it was me who did that to him. Enough is enough and I say my goodbyes and tell everyone I’ll see them later. Except Bruno, I’ll have to wait to see him tomorrow. The car ride home makes me feel better, I put the top down and just go, I’ve always enjoyed driving and I like to drive fast.

When I get home all the lights are on and the music is blaring. My house isn’t empty as per usual, it’s actually never empty, there’s always someone there which I don’t mind. My girls mean the world to me. I walk in and it’s empty. They must be outside in the pool, I make my way outside and sure enough I see four girls in their bikini’s doing tequila shots already drunk. “Lex!!” I’m really getting sick of people doing that. I tell them I’m just gonna take a shower before I join them. There’s something therapeutic about taking showers I find, it always helps me to relax and forget about what happened in the day. Sarah runs up and hands me a shot. I feel much better after I do one. After unwinding in the shower I put my bikini on and hear that the guys have already arrived. My heart sinks at the thought that Bruno won’t be coming tonight. But I put a smile on and make my way down regardless. When I get outside I see all the guys in the pool, Ari and Phil are here too which makes me happy, they’re nice guys. “Lex your house is amazing!” shouts Phil over the music “My house is ok” I say with a smile, everyone loves my house. “No, seriously Lex, it’s like a motherfucking mansion! You must be loaded” Ari says. “She really is loaded! Nothing but the best for our Lex” I choose to ignore Ray’s comment. I go over to where the girls are and start pounding down the tequila shots and anything else we can get out hands on. Slightly drunk, I say “Phred! I bet you $40 you can’t down 5 shots before me!” “You’re on!! What’s in them” “No fucking idea! On the count of three, one, two, THREE! I win. But I’m still not completely drunk yet. It takes allot for me to get drunk.

The night goes on and we spend the whole night drinking and dancing. I see Phil on his phone and it sounds like he’s giving someone directions to my house, maybe it’s his girlfriend he’s inviting round, I hear she’s nice. I wonder if she’s nicer than Emma. “Hey Mid! Another $40 to you if you can down 5 shots faster than me!!” “Bitch please! You’re on!” I win again and made an easy $80 within the space of two hours. “And the champion is undefeated! Who’s next!?” Jessie yells. “I’ll have a go” That voice. I’m pretty sure I’m drunk by now. I look up and see Bruno staring at me with a huge smile on his face.
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