When 21 year old music producer Lexii starts to fall hard for this unknown, unsigned guy, she finds out that trying to keep that relationship is more difficult than it seems. That's what happens when you fall in love with a 23 year old Bruno Mars


3. Chapter 3


Excited, Mid says, or more like squeals “Lex show me those new shoes you bought later, the picture wasn’t clear on my shit phone” I make a face because I know she’s going to want them, wear them and never give them back. “Come on Lex! I just wanna see them in 3D!” “I wanna see you 3D” Bruno sings and it sounds catchy. I reply “Let me see you 3D” Bruno jumps back on the keys and Phil starts free styling again and within the hour a full verse and chorus is written.

I decide to go outside for a smoke and notice Bruno follows me, he’s holding his own packet. I’ve always found guys who smoke irresistible. “You smoke?” I ask him, “Only once in a while, I’m trying to quit actually” He says while he lights my cigarette, such a gentleman. “So tell me more about yourself Bruno, or is it Peter?” “It’s Bruno, everyone calls me Bruno, no one’s called me Peter since I was two years old” Is it bad that I hardly heard anything he said because I was watching him smoke? “What else do you wanna know?” He asks and I snap back to reality. All these questions run through my head, do you have a girlfriend? Wife? Sex buddy? , but I just say “Tell me anything you want”  “I’m just a regular guy, born in Hawaii, moved to LA, played in bars and pubs all over to try to have a chance at getting signed. Luck’s never been with me though” I can feel his pain as he speaks and it breaks my heart. “I did get signed when I was eighteen though, but like I said, luck has never been with me” He says the last part as he stares in to my eyes. I never realised how close he’s standing next to me. I like it. “So tell me about you Lexii” “Err, I’m just your regular 21 year old, music producer, nothing special about me” I don’t really like talking about myself, I despise having all the attention on me like that. “Bruno seems annoyed, I don’t know why though.

I shiver, partly because I hate being the center of attention and party because it’s cold and I didn’t bring a jacket with me today. Bruno notices my shiver and gives me his checked shirt to wear; it smells just like him, although it looks like it hasn’t been washed in a while. Wait. What’s that? A drop of rain? Really!? Before I know it it’s pouring it down on both of us and we’re both running and laughing to get back inside. Bruno naturally makes it back before me, damn these heels, and shuts the door, is he serious!? He’s just laughing at me through the window in the door! “LET ME IN! IT’S COLD!!” I scream at him, he just shakes his head. “WHAT THE FUCK LET ME IN!!” I say with a huge smile on my face, even I can’t ignore the fact of how funny this moment is. “Tell me something!” he mouths. What the hell!? “Like what?” it’s starting to get cold now so I decide to just play along. “Tell me something random about you” always bringing it back to me “I don’t have anything! I’m not an interesting person” He just stares at me with those beautiful brown eyes and I melt. “I love Cherries, I could eat them all day and pop tarts” “I make great pop tarts! And cereal, what people really don’t know is that there’s an art to it” “That’s nice Bruno, could you let me in now please?” He unlocks the door and we both just stare at each other. I never realised how wet he actually got. He looks irresistible. He licks his lips and a drop of water falls, I watch it intensely as it falls from his curly jet black hair, down his cheek, down his neck and in to his top. I’m soaked but he seems to be smiling which makes me smile. I think he realised I was staring. He moves his head in closer, slowly as if he’s coming in for a kiss. This time his breathing gets more intense and I’m immensely turned on right now. He slowly moves a piece of wet hair from my face all the while staring deeply in to my eyes. Bruno’s phone rings and I take that as a sign that this is the wrong thing to do. That is if he was leaning in for a kiss. He probably doesn’t even like me. Why would he? I’m nothing special. I take his checked shirt off and throw it at him while laughing and run in to the bathroom to dry myself off. I manage to dry myself with the hand dryer, it took a while but I just want to get back inside with Bruno. Damn my naturally curly hair, it looks just ridiculous now. When I walk back inside and look through the window of the studio that Bruno’s in, what I see makes it feel like my heart is being ripped to shreds. I feel faint.

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