When 21 year old music producer Lexii starts to fall hard for this unknown, unsigned guy, she finds out that trying to keep that relationship is more difficult than it seems. That's what happens when you fall in love with a 23 year old Bruno Mars


2. Chapter 2


I couldn’t really pay attention to what they were saying. These meetings bore me anyway. It’s always the same format. I go in, listen to them ramble on about how much of the albums Producing profit and credits we get, sign a few contracts and I’m out of there. But today’s one seemed to be dragging on for ages. As much as I tried, which wasn’t very hard, I couldn’t help but think about that guy. Why am I so infatuated with him!?

As soon as we’re done I ran out of there and just before I reach the studio room that they’re in. I take a moment to fix my hair in a piece of shiny metal. Great. I’ve gone from looking like a tramp to looking like a hobo, I look and feel disgusting. I see him wearing a red and black checked shirt with a plain white shirt underneath, black skinny jeans and really worn in converses with a brown fedora that has a yellow feather sticking out. I look down at what I’m wearing and feel really over dressed. I take a deep breath and open the door.

“Lexii!” they all scream at me and I feel relaxed again. The only place I feel safe is in a studio. Ray calls me over “Lexii, this is Peter”. “Dude! My names BRUNO!” “Whatever dude, Lexii, this is Bruno and over their that’s Phil and Ari. Lexii is the head of the stereotypes production team and is the reason you two are allowed to be here, so suck up to her” So THIS is Bruno! The guy with the beautiful voice who sung my song I wrote. I wave to Phil and Ari and turn to Bruno. He flashes these perfect white teeth and I melt. “Hey Lexii, thank you so much for letting us come in and work with you all, I can’t tell you how much it means to all of us” He’s so humble, he makes me smile like a fool. “My pleasure Bruno, I’ve heard your voice and it’s beautiful, you sung on the song 6am which I wrote, you’re talented” “You wrote that song!? Wow, that song’s kind of, well, you know” he says coyly. I just laugh and say to everyone “Right guys we need to get at least some work done today” No one listens, as per usual, and everyone goes back to messing around. Although it seems like Bruno, Phil and Ari are the only ones wanting to get any work done today. Next thing I know it’s turned in to a full blown jamming session. Phil comes up with this awesome freestyle to a random beat Bruno lays down on the keys, the way his fingers just glide over the keys is so entrancing.

Midey calls me outside for a second. Ahh Midey, where would I be without her? She’s like my rock and above all my best friend. There’s no hiding anything from her, which sometimes sucks. “You SO wanna fuck that Bruno guy!” Typical Midey talk. “Mid, please, he’s a work colleague; you know I don’t get involved with people from work. Anymore. AND NO I DON’T!” “LIES LEXII! COMPLETE LIES!” Mid says as she runs back inside. I honestly don’t want to, he’s just cute, sweet, funny, tale-no I need to focus on my job and not guys who seem to be from out of this world.

I go back in and join Bruno on the couch where he’s lounging. He smells so good; I could just cuddle up in his scent. “So Lex, how was the after party last night? Remember much of it or do I need to get the camera out and show you what happened?” Oh God, why did Phred have to bring it up! I know I acted like an idiot last night, at least I think I did. I honestly don’t remember much. Damn those Patron shots! “Oooooh Lexii’s a party animal!” Bruno jokes as he sits up. “Hell yeah she is! She knows how to down the shots of patron” says Ray. SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!

I run over to the keys and start to play a few chords to drown them out. Out of the corner of my eye I see Bruno in deep thought as he starts to bob his head to the beat. He joins me at the keys, he’s sitting so close to me again and I can smell his aftershave, and starts playing a tune to the chords I’m playing. This feels right so I don’t stop and I hear Bruno humming some inaudible words, but whatever it is it sounds amazing. Our hands touch several time as we play and my heart starts to beat faster. I swear he can hear it. I feel Midey’s eyes watching us both intensely. He moves closer and my breathing gets deeper. It feels so right. Suddenly Bruno stops playing and says “Can I have these 4 chords?” I look in to his eyes as he looks in to mine, smile and nod and go sit next to Mid.

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