This poem is about power, greed and the selling of the soul. It is about metaphor and its ability to hide deeper meaning in sentences.



Brass to gold we are told is the gift of the philosopher’s stone. Like a dog in search of its bone, did the alchemist probe in his magician’s robe. He read the scrolls of the ancients without the gift of patience. The seed of greed he nurtured, blinding and binding the hearts of men. Kings and Queens fed on his dreams, for powerful is the lust of riches. In the vision he told did their hearts behold, a mountain of gold, to their desire it was an itch, which he bewitched.



As his time on earth was purged, he searched. Reading scripts, flipping pages; he aged and raged acting out his desire on the world stage. His heart and mind consumed by a naked flame in search of fame. Those infected by his yearning, plotted his demise, they smiled in his face and behind his back, conspired with lies. Like a disease, amongst men he found no ease, for in their eyes he witnessed a reflection of power and greed.



His life became strife, in fear of a murderer’s knife. Kings and Queens demanded the fulfilment of their dreams, for he had dined and drank their wine, and as for their greed he was the planter of the seed. He worked harder, read deeper, but for every step the dream slipped further. Once young and vibrant, he became old and twisted, to die not amongst the gifted.



Seconds before his last breath he was approached by a reflection of his former self in search of the elusive stone, which had turned his heart brittle, like dry old bone and spittle. With one glance he captured the rapture of the philosopher’s stone, for he was once pure like gold, glittering in the light of youth. Now he was brass, bitter with a red glowing flame of sorrow, his lips thin and narrow, and his eyes resembling that of a sparrow. 



Like a voice out of the wilderness the ancient scrolls spoke to his dying heart, “The philosopher’s stone is a state of mind earned by the acquirement of wisdom, but there will always be those who seek fools’ gold by believing literally anything they read or are told, for wisdom hides in metaphor and parables.”

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