Pitter Patter

A day in the life.


4. IV

I jumped off my ride and headed right. Right to nowhere more than likely. Na I knew where I was going. I was going right. That feeling when your feet hit the ground isn't ever the greatest of feelings either is it? You feel that shock travel up your legs that kind of makes you feel human again almost, the shock that rocks you a bit and reminds you that after all despite being at the top of the food chain, nature is our mother and domestic attacks are never welcome in any situation. That's a lot to think about when your feet hit the ground, and it's not as though the distance between the bus door and the floor is so great as to warrant a "jump" so that my feet "hit", but you know, it worked in its own way. It was getting dark now as my feet patted along the blunt floor and welcomed the warmth that the constant motion brought. I found solace in repetitious movement. It was a pleasing thought knowing that not too long ago I had had no clue of where I was; a truth that must be acknowledged, that yes, I did not know where I was in my own town. "Town" is such a northern phrase. My main gripe with that word was that, actually, not everybody lived in a town. I knew this female once who lived in a village. She was adamant on stating that she was going "into town" every single time she actually happened to be visiting the next door neighbour. Just on a point of that - is anyones neighbour ever really next door? The street lights had come on now while I was thinking those thoughts that I often thought of. Across the pond (it wasn't literally a pond, but figuratively it was definitely a pond) were a couple. At least what I assumed to be a couple. A man and a woman took strides along the concrete as I had done and continued to do, and they appeared linked to each other, not simply because of the fact that I assumed they were a couple, but the way their heads moved the same - to-ing and fro-ing in unison, the sound their feet made on floor was a harmonious ensemble of melodies, and the cold vapour of her breath seemed to be embraced by the warmth of his face. Thinking back on it, how the henry I'd known that from that distance seemed a little too speculative at me, but darn it those streetlights were bright, don't you think? I slipped a mint out of the pack and let it's menthol like qualities soothe my tongue as I observed still this fleeting pair from a distance. Not in an odd kind of way of course. Merely in a "they seem interesting, I feel like being interested in something" kind of way. They seemed like nice people and I wished them a genuine well-wish in my mind, as the onset of a migraine dissuaded me from being continually captivated them. I took, from the inside of my jacket, next to the book, some painkillers. They were the cheap ones. You felt you were getting a better deal because after all painkiller is painkiller right? What else could it be? Sugar. That was what else it could be. Bastarding sugar. But yeah these were painkillers, and although I was so used to them by now, the placebo effect outreached any euphoric killing of the pain that they could give. The fact that I felt and achieved cheating my body was immense. It gave me an even more profound sense that the body is after all just a body and the brain is the grand master general. My face became contorted with all the too familiar taste of...salty concrete. Always a gourmet cuisine to look forward to. It went down a treat with some water that I managed to miraculously pull out of my bag from nowhere. That had seemed very suspicious to me at that point. Paranoia began streaking through my brain; its naked presence imbalancing my logical judgement. I turned the corner and the library towered before me. I say that as I'm only five foot nine or something, so you know, as tall to some people as that may be, it was short to me and without a doubt short to that library. But it was a befriending towering. A towering that said "Come to my doors, they are open. My corridors and silent and homely. My walls embrace you." To my surprise, the doors were actually closed and I instantly made an oath to myself that that was the last time I ever trusted a library.
That chaps footwear was pretty swish though.
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