Caddies father dies, and three months on meets Jay who she deeply falls in love with. Although Jays hiding something from her after she tells him about her fathers death.


1. Death.

Lying on the floor, with blood splattered across his face and onto his shirt. His pale face, his brown eyes, gone, they were all gone, that's all I had left of him. I'm going to miss you Grandpa I told myself. I was to focused on the meaning of him dying, why it was him and not me. The details I was certain of; that it was 12:30 at night and I peered out the window to see a shadow slowly fading away, did they know I was here? Did they see me? Did I know them? Did they know my grandpa. All these questions buzzing around my head. The only answer I know is that this WAS NOT an accident.
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