Arramar Book One

Alexander is woken by the smell of smoke and is blown into a world of adventure and sooner than he thinks faces the Master Of The Elder Castle... Xander


1. The Awakening


Chapter One "In The Ancient Time The Land Was Inhabited By The Morrows The Very Early Domonent Species, They Thrived Throught The Land Until Several Thousand Years Passed Until They Had Developed A Thriving Culture & A Versitle Government Then The Great Lord Of The Land Vanished From The Earth And So Did The High Order, The Government Fell Into A Deep Collapse And The Culture Also Vanished People Dwindled Into The Last Corners Of The World, They Still Exsist But They Live Alone In The Worlds Many Lands, After A Long And Painful Silence The First Men & Women Arrived And Multiplied All Around The World And Swiftly Built And Secured The World..."   Alex Was Tired, He Had Stayed Up All Night Thinking About His Family And His Mother (She Was Murdered By A Rogue Order Who Had Some How Returned Hundreds Of Years After They Vanished) Alex Had Never Stopped Thinking About His Family And The Mysterious People Who He Called Family Relitives, Alex Was Staring Through The Window Onto The Street Which Glowed With The Moon Light He Soon Went To His Room And Left His Thoughts Dwindling Inside His  Head, He Slowly Drifted To Sleep. Alex Deep In Sleep When A Drift Of Smoke Pourded Through His Windows Edges And Flooded The Room With Dark Smoke, Alex Awoke, He Sat Up In Bed And Looked Towards The Smoke And Shot Up & Sped Towards The Window He Fell Onto The Window To See Flames Blazing The Village The Sea To The West Was Bursting With Light Alex Quickly Ran Down To The Door Of The Inn He Was Staying In, He Wripped The Door Open And Was Thrust Backwards By The Intense Heat He Crashed Into The Back Wall And Jumped Out Of The Path Of A Fire Burst Coming From The Door, A Man Came Crashing Down The Stairs And Pulled Alex To His Feet, The Man Pulled Him Out Of The Building As It Soon Collapsed Into Itself, Alex Franiticly Looks In All Directions, The Fire Blew Windows And Shards Of Rubble All Around The Street, Alex Hurried Throught The Blazed Streets With His Life Considerably On Edge, The Mysterious Man Had Vanished Into The Local Church Which Moments Later Collapsed Onto The Street Firing Large Boulders Towards The Buildings Smashing Even More Ash And Ambers Everywhere, Alex Headed To The Hills On The Outside Of The Sea Port, He Stummbled Up The Steep Rocky Hill To A Small Rock Formation Some Height Above The Fire, He Waited For Some Time Before Two Men Came Running Out Of The Buildings Towards Him, Alex Jumped Up And Helped The Two Men Up Just As He Got A Glimpse Of Their Faces One Was A Older And Wore Man Who Wore A Burnt And Blackened Suit And Cape Where As The Other One Looked Much Younger And Wore A Light Armour And A Short Cape That Coveered His Shoulder, The Elder Man Was Arther Alex's Father And The Young One Was Called James Alex's Childhood Friend. Alex Looked Back At The Town And His Eyes Soon Met A Bright Light That Came Slashing The Sky With The Echo Of A Loud Screech That Made The Three Shreek With Pain, The Light Exploded In The Sea Port And Blinded Them And Rickashayed Them Back That Smashed Them Into The Ground.
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