Anthology of the Macabre

24 poems of separation, pain, depression and anger. All taken from experiences in my own life, so also quite deep.


18. Why?

Why are you doing this?
This isn't going to solve anything
Anything could happen to you
You are beautiful can't you see?
See the sign and get yourself out
Out of darkness and out of pain
Pain for the ones whom you love
Love is not found in those lines
Lines of evil which you take
Take my word, it will not help
Help is coming don't you know?
Know that this will come and go
Go now and don't look back
Back home where you were once
Once I was doing the very same
Same demons entered my veins
Veins now closed forever
Forever scarred I'll never forget
Forget the time that I spent
Spent dreaming of a better future
Future is something I have now
Now listen to my words
Words that will answer your 'to why?'
Why are you doing this?
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