Anthology of the Macabre

24 poems of separation, pain, depression and anger. All taken from experiences in my own life, so also quite deep.


6. Werewolf Love

Compromising sounds awaken the beast I locked away so long ago.
It stirs now for all to see.
For all to witness.
For all to fear.

Pulsating memories fuel it's barbarity, swings and lunges through hazed crowds.
It hurts now all I knew.
All now do flee.
All now do know.

Your love once kept it away but betrayal has fueled its resurrection.
Hide if you dare.
Dare not disturb me.
Dare not get in my way.

How much longer can you last? How much time do you have?
Not enough to make amends.
Amend your opinions.
Amend your words.

Too late. I'm reborn.
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