Anthology of the Macabre

24 poems of separation, pain, depression and anger. All taken from experiences in my own life, so also quite deep.


15. This Is No Wonderous World In Which We Live

I see what you're hiding
You don't mask it well
With your sleeves rolled up
I see your personal hell

Track lines lay upon you
Entry wounds of bliss
Resentment deep behind your eyes
You never wanted any of this

More than that, there's scars
Evidence of your pain
Self inflicted marks culminate
Upon your life a stain

But your hands they are soft
So delicate and pure
This was never your choice
For this I am sure

You choose not to hide
You're proud of your marks
They remind you of good times
And heed our remarks

This party you're at peace 
You are finally happy
Because of those around you?
Or the mephedrone entering your body

Your parents aren't worried for you
They don't seem to care
A tough life has been handed to you
To live it I would not dare

Alcohol and drugs consumes you
Casual sex your new found release
I sit there along with you
Your actions I do not cease

I allow you to do this
To take that crystal deep
And watch as you mount me
And snuggle into me deep

I leave now this party
I leave you behind
You're a damaged angel for sure
A rarity to find

But it should not be like this
This is not right
No one should live this way
And now, I will fight.
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