Anthology of the Macabre

24 poems of separation, pain, depression and anger. All taken from experiences in my own life, so also quite deep.


19. Lover to Harlot (explicit)

Your eyes dance on silver screen
Beaconing with immortality
Behind that window you will stay
For in life, frailty.

Seducing the viewers grossly
You leave nothing to hide
Stripped bare of clothing and soul
Life behind eyes fail to reside.

You explore avenues of lust
For the world to witness
Carnal desire, unbridled passion
All merely fictitious.

Your acts grow more extreme
Double penetration now shown
Behind your eyes I see pain
Yet on screen you groan.

Sodomy now the act I'm confronted
I dread to watch but can't look away
For money you do this?
Is there surely no other way?

I knew you in high school
I knew you in better circumstance
Back when in drama we would play
It's a different act now that you prance.

So secluded and shy you were
I remember our first kiss
You said you were moving away
You never said towards this abyss.

I missed you for so long
I wished more of you I'd seen
Now I'm seeing more than I want
As you fuck on the silver screen. 
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