Anthology of the Macabre

24 poems of separation, pain, depression and anger. All taken from experiences in my own life, so also quite deep.


8. Darkest Thoughts

I am the one feared the most
I am the man by your door
I see what errors you commit
Yet I can do nothing more.

Bound I hang from your walls
Struggling I watch you bleed
My hands so close to your throat
My icy touch you do not need.

Your tears like nectar to my lips
Sorrow cuts your wrists deep
The more you bleed the stronger I get
Yet I'm  powerless as you weep.

I'm getting closer now
Can you feel me on your neck?
This is all that you've wanted
There's no turning back.

A light comes through the floor
Showering your soul in tranquility
Your sadness is cast away
For now you will live peacefully.

I never leave you.
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