rings of smoke

some humour compasion and a touch of sadness


4. Chapter 4

Although what I had just said was a lie, I knew for a fact I did not shoot that man. I was at the same club but he was not sitting with me.

As I walked out of court I had much sympothy and alot of credit. "madam, madam are you okay?" Asked one lady holding out her tubby hand. "Oh you are far to kind." I said. But what I did not know was that Sid was coming up behind me. He grabbed my by my arm that my cigerette was tightly clutched in and tugged it out of my fingures. He threw It onto the ground and squished my mouth together. "Sid Pepi Rivosky, NEVER looses an arguement." I started to cough and let out of my mouth a large ring of smoke that surrounded Sids head. He let go of my lips and started to cough too. I smiled and wiped my face "Oops?" I smiled.

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