rings of smoke

some humour compasion and a touch of sadness


3. Chapter 3

I sood up as if to over power him but unsuccessfully failed. "You're- You're just a woman" said sid laughing hardly. I sat down and thought what would happen if I was to be like the lawer beside me but better. As this lawer was sitting helplessly biting his nails and rubbing his temples. I suddenly stood up and said. "You may not have known this your honour but this man that was shot was my husband. And I have been ever so sad and ever so nervess to answer these questions because I loved him so dearly." Sid looked around in a panik. "I object you honour." "Silence Sid, let the woman speak." I glanced back at Sid and winked. I made afew crying gestures and applyed some more lip stick as if I was so embaressed to be crying infront of so many people. I sat back down very proud of myself and lit another cigerette.

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